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| A quality education |

Karen Tylová Driving School is a family run business with over 30 years of experience in teaching students driving from 17 to 70+ years old. We teach in a way that our students will love to drive with no fear of being on the highway, in heavy traffic or parking in shopping malls. Our Driving school is situated in Prague 6 in very unique location from which in one lesson we can easily drive to the countryside, through the city centre, on the highway or practise parking.

| An individual education |

We believe that every one of us is individual with specific ways of learning. That’s why we put an extra focus on one-on-one learning experience. Our students are with the same instructor from the beginning to the end of the course. All our instructors have, besides Driving Instructor certification, some degree in teaching or psychological/therapeutic education. An understanding and respectful approach is what our reputation stands on.

| An education during the weekends |

We prefer teaching on work, week days, but we do understand that sometimes it’s not possible for our students; in that case we are able to arrange a personal program with lessons on the weekends.

| Training lessons |

If you already have a driving license and just need to brush up on your skills, or have not been behind the wheel for some time and need to get back into it, we offer training lessons. It’s important to get familiar with local driving laws if you have just moved in to Prague. You can drive your own car or in one of ours. We can practice anything that you prefer, from parking in your garage, driving from home to school or to the store, or just to be in city traffic.

| Professionals with an experience in the field |

All our instructors have a minimum of 25 years of experience driving. We are confident in our ability to teach anyone who wants to learn how to drive. We do not own a driving simulator in front of which students take their driving lessons. We personally drive with students from the very beginning in the car which they choose and believe this is of the most benefit for students to learn not only basic driving skills but how to navigate the many specific situations that occur on the streets. We have experience driving in other countries and continents from USA, UK to Asia.


Marek Tyl is our main instructor in English language. His life experience has taken him from the Czech Republic around the world. Teaching and driving was always his hobby that he now has combined, and turned into his full-time job.


It’s important for us to give you the experience of driving cars that are today’s standard. That is why we stay up to date, with our latest addition to our car fleet, a 2022 TOYOTA Corolla 1.5 sedan with Comfort Tech Style and manual transmission. For those who prefer a smaller car with automatic transmission, we have a TOYOTA YARIS HYBRID 1.5, hatchback also equipped with Comfort Tech Style.


| Possibility of instalment payments |

We understand that paying the entire amount up front may not be possible for everyone, so, let us know if we can set up an instalment payment plan.